Trusted Timestamping

Trusted timestamping is not a new concept, where a piece of data can be verifiably proven to have existed at a certain point in time. We created a version of this concept to use on the blockchain.

Smart Contract

How many supported blockchains?

All OKLG-supported blockchains

Cost of using service?

$2 USD per digital signature stored

How to add a digital signature to the blockchain?

  1. 1.
    Once in the Trusted Timestamping dApp, you can simply click the Add File to Calculate its Signature button.
  2. 2.
    The signature (or SHA256 hash of the file contents) will show in the UI. You can now click Submit File Signature to Blockchain to initiate the transaction.
  3. 3.
    You can now review all of your digital signatures you've stored in the table below. Note the signatures are tied to the address, so if/when you ever switch addresses your list will obviously reset.