Farming as a Service
Provides a DIY, decentralized staking pools for users who HODL your token to reward them for holding!

Smart Contract

How many supported blockchains?

All OKLG-supported blockchains

Cost of using service?

$2000 USD per farm/staking pool created

How do I stake my tokens as a user who wants rewards?


How do I create a new staking pool as a project owner?



  1. 1.
    I am a project owner and want to create a new staking pool. What happens if my token has transfer fees taken out? A: You should account for and either exclude the staking contract from transfer fees or communicate to your community that them staking/unstaking their tokens will incur the transfer fees.
  2. 2.
    I am having trouble staking/unstaking large amounts of tokens. What do I do? A: Almost every instance there are errors staking/unstaking tokens, there is a maximum transfer limit on the token contract that is preventing sending that many tokens. The project should handle lifting this transfer limit or removing it to support staking. We cannot do anything on our end to resolve this issue.