Password Manager

Smart Contract

How many supported blockchains?

All OKLG-supported blockchains

Cost of using service?

$2 USD per account stored (updates are always free)

How do I know my account information/passwords are secured?

The most important thing to understand about the MTGY password manager is raw/plain account information is never stored on the blockchain. Relatively recently modern browsers have introduced some low-level native crypto APIs that are accessible to the web developer. We wrote a wrapper library that makes it dead simple to support encrypting plain text and decrypting ciphertext in the browser with ease. The only caveat is when you first use the password manager, we generate a private key that you need to ensure you back up somewhere safe. Until your browser cache is cleared, you won't have to enter this private key again, but the moment you want to use the password manager on another machine/browser and/or your browser cache is cleared, you'll need to enter this private key again to access your information. We cannot access the information for you if you lose this key.

How to store account info/passwords on the blockchain?

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